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The Salmagundi Club operates on grants, donations, membership dues, and other fund-raising efforts. As a non-profit organization as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code, the Salmagundi is open to accepting tax deductible contributions and donations. The Salmagundi Club also relies on the good will and volunteer efforts of its members in order to carry on its work. PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!

Planned Giving
The Salmagundi Club accepts the following types of gifts: Monetary donations made by cash, check, or credit card. Bequests of cash, securities, or other properties Life insurance benefits Services Historical materials (for example sketchbooks, notes, personal records, publications, and so on) Original artwork of exhibition quality by current and former Salmagundians subject to Curator’s approval
Donations Planned Giving FAQ What Constitutes a Gift?
According to the IRS, any contribution or donation of money or property for the use of the organization counts as a gift.
What Can I Give to the Salmagundi Club?
Monetary gifts will be appreciated and put to good use maintaining the Club and furthering our goals. The Salmagundi club accepts all forms of monetary gifts. Monetary gifts may be given as restricted or unrestricted funds. In accordance with the Salmagundi Club’s commitment to the preservation and appreciation of Art, we encourage artists and collectors to donate original works to become part of the collection. (Contact Our President or Chairman of the Curators Committee at (212) 255-7740.) The Club also accepts donations of goods, services, office equipment. (Contact the Director at (212) 255-7740 for further details.)
Is My Gift Tax Deductible?
Yes. When donating money, the full amount may be deductible from your taxable income. The deductible amount for donations of property may be as much as fair market value. The Salmagundi Club recommends that you consult an accountant or lawyer regarding applicable tax law before making a significant donation. For more information on charitable donations from the Internal Revenue Service website, click here:
Will I Receive a Record or Receipt of My Gift?
Yes. The Salmagundi Club provides written acknowledgment of each donation it accepts.
What Services Can I Donate?
The Club runs a wide variety of programs and sponsors an array of events every year. These often rely on the commitment and efforts of volunteers. If you’re interested in helping out, contact the Director to find out what volunteer opportunities are currently available. If you would like to offer a specific service, we’ll be glad to keep your information on file for future reference.