Tanya E Miller [NRA 2010]

First name:  Tanya ;
Middle name:
E ; 
Last name:
Miller ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ;
2010 ;


I was born in Khabarovsk, right next to Russian-Chinese border. When I was 3 my family moved to the opposite end of Russia- Kaliningrad, right next to the Polish border. After school I studied in The Kaliningrad University for three years and in 1999 went to study to a Christian college in Iowa.

Probably, as many children – at the age of 3. But I fell in love with art when I was around 10. It was more interesting for me to do something with my own hands than anything else in the world. I would sit for hours painting my hand-made small sculptures, drawing with ink, or sewing some strange animals and then embroidering them with different designs. I would say, making art relaxed and hypnotized me, so I became an “art addict” at a very young age.

I like to try and learn new things , so my artworks are very different. Some artworks are just playful , some are allegorical and have a meaning. But whatever I make, I try to correspond some kind  of emotion or mood. For example in “Underwater” I wanted to create a feeling of serenity, contemplation, calmness. All my works start with an emotion and only after that I materialize them into “physical” images.





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December 23, 2019

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