The Urbane Conspirators : Loving the life of the mind

featuring Regan Penaluna, Grace Bialecki, Ricardo Gallo, and Skye Cleary

May 4, 2023
6:30 PM | Doors
7:00 PM | Program
8:00 PM – 10:00 PM | Mingling
Open to Coffee House, Salmagundi members, and their guests
Eventbrite RSVP required
Program is FREE to attend
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About the Event

Celebrate loving the life of the mind with the Coffee House Club’s Urbane Conspirators. The night will include a poetry performance by Grace Bialecki, 21st-century Planet Earth music by Ricardo Gallo, and a conversation with philosopher Regan Penaluna about her highly-acclaimed new book How To Think Like a Woman: four women philosophers who taught me how to love the life of the mind. Books will be signed, cocktails will be served, and the party will continue with vibes by Existential DJ Skye Cleary.

Featured Guests

Regan Penaluna is a writer with a master’s degree in journalism and a PhD in philosophy. Previously, she was an editor at Nautilus Magazine and Guernica, where she wrote and edited long-form stories and interviews. A feature she wrote was listed in the Atlantic as one of “100 Exceptional Works of Journalism.” How To Think Like a Woman: four women philosophers who taught me how to love the life of the mind is her first book.

Composer, pianist, keyboardist, and electronic musician Ricardo Gallo creates 21st-century Planet Earth music. He has written for acoustic and electro-acoustic formats, short films, videos, dance, installations, multimedia stage productions, and has performed and written for jazz and improvisatory groups. His current projects as performer/composer include his Bogotá-based quartet, NYC-based electric-tropical band Los Aliens, and the acoustic quartet “Horse’s Mouth” and an ongoing collaboration with poet and artist Cecilia Vicuña. He has published thirteen albums as a leader or co-leader.

Grace Bialecki is a writer and performance poet based in New York. She has performed at KGB Bar, Torn Page, and been featured at Paris Lit Up. Her work has appeared in Catapult, Barrelhouse, and Epiphany Magazine where she was a monthly columnist. Bialecki is the author of Youth, a collection of poetry, as well as the novel, Purple Gold (ANTIBOOKCLUB).

Skye C. Cleary PhD MBA is a philosopher and author of How to Be Authentic: Simone de Beauvoir and the Quest for FulfillmentExistentialism and Romantic Love, and co-editor of How to Live a Good Life. Her work has been published with The Paris Review, Aeon, Psyche, The Times Literary Supplement, TED-Ed, Los Angeles Review of Books, and others. She teaches at Columbia University and the City College of New York.


Salmagundi Club members are welcome to reserve for dinner via our Reservations page.

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