Tim Newton [EM 2003]

First name: Tim ; 
Middle name:
Last name:
Newton  ;

Member: Emeritus member ;
2003 ;


A Salmagundi member since 2003, Tim proposed and curated American Masters, a national invitational exhibition held at the Club from 2008 through 2018. As one of the purposes for Masters, Tim proposed that the funds raised from the show initiate fundraising for the renovation/restoration of what is now known as Salmagundi’s skylight gallery, a project that was completed in the Spring of 2014. Both Masters and the gallery brought significant renewed attention to Salmagundi.In 2009 he was elected as a Vice President of Salmagundi and beginning in 2011 was elected to four terms as Chairman of the Board/CEO, concluding in 2019.During his tenure of leadership, he helped to lead Salmagundi through many years of unprecedented growth.An avid collector of historic Salmagundi memorabilia, Tim and his wife Cathi live in Cody, Wyoming and Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has been the publisher of Western Art & Architecture magazine since 2019.





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