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A dynamic, classically trained contemporary realist painter, Tony Curanaj, was born and raised in New York. He studied at the School of Visual Arts, The National Academy of Design, and the acclaimed Water Street Atelier. Curanaj’s highly sought-after work is illustrative and masterfully executed, stemming from his experience in several artistic genres. An innovator from an early age, Curanaj was a world-renowned graffiti artist and is still considered a legendary influence in the genre. He served at Disney Studios in New York as a head designer and illustrator for film and television before dedicating his efforts to his vision and fine art. “My progression as a contemporary artist evolves with my perception of the world and its human experiences. As a result, I began to sublimate my creative expression toward work of greater skill, precision in execution, and clarity in thought. The subject matter of my work represents the complexity of an individual’s observation and a love and respect for nature and life. Some paintings are a visual play on words or ideas that are part of my experiences or memories.

Other pieces reflect the simple beauty I may find in seemingly ordinary objects composed together, influences of color in nature, or the splendor of the human form. I aspire for authenticity in the subject, harmony of color, and resonance of light and shadow in every piece.  By painting from life and with meticulous detail, I hope that the viewer will observe my work as I observe life, with the impact and integrity of the significant idea supported by the importance and intricacy of the slightest nuance”.

Since 2014, Tony has co-created and hosted the popular podcast, Suggested Donation Podcast with fellow artist Edward Minoff. “Our ongoing goal with the podcast is to talk to great artists and artisans and to encourage a dialogue examining parallels in the craft of creativity, passion and art and how they are all related.” Now dividing his time between Dallas, Texas, and New York City, Curanaj paints in his studios, instructs at The Grand Central Atelier in New York City and conducts in-demand workshops around the country.

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