Varnishando : a serio comic poem : addressed to collectors of paintings.

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Title:  Varnishando : a serio comic poem : addressed to collectors of paintings.

Author:  an admirer of the arts [Francis Dukinfield Astley…]  ;

Language:  English.  ;

Published city:  Manchester, England.  ;
Publisher:  R. & W. Dean  ;
Published date:  1809.  ;

Responsibility:  Francis Dukinfield Astley (1781-1825) was the eldest son of John Astley, a landowner in Cheshire with lands centring around the township of Dukinfield.  As well as being a racing and hunting enthusiast Francis was also a noted a poet during his day.

Physical description: viii, 24 pp., with preface and argument.  ;

Book category:  Literature.






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Notes:  bound with A dissertation on the progress of the fine arts.

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