Wesley Lowe [NRA 2015-2021]

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2015 ;
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First, a little bit about my background, Toronto is the place of my birth and a good part of my life was growing up in that wonderful city during the 70s.   My first career in the art field was that of a graphic designer for a studio.  I must say, I actually enjoyed painting and drawing far more than designing. The studio did make use of my drawing and painting skills on various projects for their clients.  The studio subscribed to various art magazines that contained award winning illustrations. These images caught my attention and lit this passion in me to create.  I began spending much of my weekends and evenings painting and drawing during those years.

While still working for the studio, I then enrolled in an evening course on illustration taught at the Ontario College of Art. My instructor, Will Davies, introduced me to the art of great illustrators and some of their techniques. This chance meeting determined my careers new direction.

I did eventually leave the studio to pursue my love for painting and drawing, thus began my new career as a freelance illustrator.

Over those many years I was commissioned by publishers, magazines, studios as well as a few Advertising agencies. For a brief time I also created fashion and product illustration for Sears Canada.  Most of my illustration projects were from the Toronto and New York markets.

Many years ago I departed from the field of illustration.  Now, my attention is mostly painting subjects of my choice and some commissioned work. One of the many things  you will notice on my website is artwork that often reflects my enthusiasm for historical subjects.  I believe these quotes that follow best sum up my feelings exactly.

 “Great art is the outward expression of an inner life in the artist, and this inner life will result in their personal vision of the world” Edward Hopper.  If I needed another reason for why I paint and not that I should, it must be because of the way I feel when standing before my canvas, with an idea and a brush in hand.

I am an artist member of:  The Society of Canadian Artists,  The Canadian Society of Marine Artists,  The American Society of Marine artists, the Canadian Aerospace Artists Association and the Salmagundi Art Club of NYC.





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