William F Kimball [NRA 2006]

First name:  William ; 
Middle name:
F ; 
Last name:
  Kimball ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2006 ;
  n/a ;


William R. Kimball is a native Californian who began sculpturing as a small boy. In college, he majored in art where he pursued his artistic expression in high fire ceramics, Raku and glaze calculations. His sculpting odyssey has evolved over the years, taking him from simple modeling clay to ceramics and finally to bronze castings utilizing the 6,000 year old “Lost Wax” process.

His unique eclectic style covers a wide range of creative expression – from contemporary sculptures with a timeless message, to primeval worlds of the past, from the fluid grace of ocean life, to sculptures combining raw realism with the aesthetic symbolism of conceptual art.

In his own words; “ I enjoy the creative process as much as the final piece of art. It is my sincere desire, in some small way, others will appreciate each of my sculptures, not only for their visual and emotional appeal, but for the deeper message they each convey.

William Kimball is an up and coming sculptor who has the talent to create artwork that reflects his vision of the struggles of life. The high detail on his sculptures shows the time and cognitive attention that Bill puts into his work. This foundry is extremely honored to be casting for an artist of such caliber.”
Ronnie Frostad – Owner of Frostad Atelier Foundry.





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