Winners of the Salmagundi competitions: portrait & drawing

May 1 - May 29, 2022

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Smith library gallery


Salmagundi Library Committee


Open to Salmagundi members only

a group of people sitting on the steps of a building.
Photographer: Anthony Almeida

Celebrating Salmagundi’s 150th anniversary, our library committee is proud to present a display of all first prize winners from our series of annual figure sketching competitions held at the club.

These competitions are an homage to Salmagundi’s roots, harking back to when it was a sketch club.  Similar to early sketch club sessions, these competitions would work from life with live models and depending on the competition, artists may be asked to draw or paint an oil portrait. During these five hour events, three models would serve as a subject of choice for all participating artists. After the art session, judging would take place with awards to be announced and given within the same day.

Series of 1st Prize Winners

  • 2017 Aug. 26 | 1st Oil Portrait Sketching Competition | Rick Piloco
  • 2018 May 20 | 2nd Oil Portrait Sketching Competition | Kerry Dunn
  • 2019 Mar. 3 | 1st Drawing Competition of the Figure (Nude) | Jon De Martin
  • 2019 May 19 | 3rd Oil Portrait Sketching Competition | Kerry Dunn
  • 2019 Aug. 25 | Oil Sketch of Draped Figure Competition | Garin Baker
  • 2020 Mar. 1 | 2nd Drawing Competition of the Figure | Dan Thompson
  • 2020 Oct. 11 | 4th Oil Portrait Sketching Competition | Landon Clay
  • 2021 May 16 | 3rd Drawing Competition of the Figure (Draped) (150th Anniversary) | Lucas Bononi
  • 2021 Aug. 22 | 5th Oil Portrait Sketching Competition | Steve Forster
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