Giving Tuesday teaser video still, showing a cup of water for cleaning brushes and a hand painting in the background.
As part of our Giving the Gift of Art initiative, Salmagundi Club is spearheading three initiatives to give back to our community – one that includes both the general public and our many artist and patron members. 2023-2024’s three Giving the Gift of Art fundraising initiatives focus on increasing accessibility to art through Salmagundi Club resources and giving back to the diverse communities that we are a part of.

Since 1871, the Salmagundi Club has long-functioned as a local art museum with close to 2,000 artworks, thousands of historical documents, as well as invaluable sculptures, ephemera, and other valuable artifacts collected through Salmagundi Club’s history as one of America’s oldest art organizations and through our many celebrated artist members. Today, Salmagundi Club still serves as a key venue for the storage, curation, and display of both art and historical document collections throughout the year to the public and members of our community. This year, Salmagundi Club has embarked on a new campaign to bring our work in art preservation, restoration, cataloguing, and digitization to the modern era.

With a donation of $100, you can support Salmagundi Club’s Art Archives and Art Museum digitization & preservation campaign by covering the costs of digitizing and cataloguing the items from our permanent collection and making them accessible to all online.

The Salmagundi Club has long been a haven for emerging artists and art education. This year, we are bringing the magic of art to our local community in New York City by providing art classes and instruction to underserved and disadvantaged children in our local area through partnerships with strategic non-profit community organizations. Art is an invaluable gift to all, especially to future generations with limited access to it.

With a donation of $200, you can sponsor art instruction for historically underserved local young artists (including art materials) at the Salmagundi Club with instruction led by a member artist of the Club.

The Salmagundi Club has a long-standing tradition of supporting scholarship artists and emerging artist talent through our Club. In these challenging economic times, emerging artists are experiencing more financial hardship than ever before, especially when it comes to covering membership dues, supplementary instruction, or basic materials.

With a donation of $300, you can sponsor a Scholarship Artist and their mentorship for 1 year at the Salmagundi Club to ensure that they can continue being a valued member of this wonderful artist community, no matter which way the economy moves!

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