Ann Kraft Walker [NRA 2015-2018]


First name: Ann ;
Middle name:
Kraft ;
Last name:
Walker ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2015 ;
2018 ;



I was Texas born in 1955. In 1977 I received a BFA in Art History at The University of Texas at Austin (a major I could accomplish without any math requirements). Later I moved to Germany for several years which provided the opportunity for extensive travel and many museum visits where my love for art deepened. At The Hermitage in St. Petersburg, I distinctly remember the desire to learn to paint washing over me. However, I was busy raising three children and did not take up a paintbrush until my mid-forties.

Because of my love for antiques, I began painting in a primitive folk art style. Several of my paintings appeared in various issues of Early American Life magazine. In 1999 the First Lady was impressed with the folk artists in a traditional craftsmen issue of the magazine. By Presidential invitation, I had the opportunity to create a folk art oil painting to be part of the Blue Room Christmas decorations and to remain in the permanent collection of the White House. Later I received a second Presidential invitation to attend a reception at the White House for the artists who took part in creating the Christmas decorations that year. That was a kick!

I gradually lost interest in folk art and desired to learn about fine art instead . I fumbled along on my own for a few years, not painting much. Then in 2009, with an empty nest, I had a distinct turning point to pursue art seriously and leave folk art behind. I took my first workshop in 2010 and have since taken four more workshops, each of which have been extremely valuable.

What a privilege to begin the never-ending pursuit of learning to paint. Any shred of talent I possess is a gift from God and a reflection of His grace.

I am a member of The Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America – Signature Member, The International Guild of Realism, National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society – Signature Member and Allied Artists of America.




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