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Behind the scenes at Salmagundi : Lee Vasu.

Behind the scenes at Salmagundi : Lee Vasu

Online, January 06, 2021
Wednesday, 6:00PM, via Zoom

Sponsored by the Junior and Scholarship Members, the “Behind the Scenes at Salmagundi” series invites all Members to learn more about the “behind the scenes” of both Salmagundi and the art world.

The guest speaker for January’s session of the series will be Lee Vasu, the founder of the Lower East Side’s Dacia Gallery, a venue at which many Salmagundi artist members exhibit.

Born in Sibiu, Romania in 1979, Lee was inspired by the mosaics, frescos, and the mystical Icons of the Byzantine Churches of his native land. In 1990, Vasu moved to the United States, eventually attaining a BA in History and Art from Kent State University and a Masters’ Degree in Arts Administration and Museum Science from the University of Akron. His passion for art enabled him to curate exhibitions nationally and internationally, which inspired him to establish Dacia Gallery.

Webinar topics of discussion will include what galleries look for in artists, the best ways for artists to approach galleries, and how best to utilize Instagram in finding gallery representation.

Sign up for the webinar in advance HERE.