Brian K West [NRA 2018]

First name: Brian ;
Middle name:
K ;
Last name:
West ;

Member: Resident artist member ; 
2018 ;
  n/a ;



Brian first started drawing at a young age. He continued expanding his interest and skills into high school and eventually majored in Fine Arts at Cornell University. Following graduation in ’97, Brian translated his interest in computers and his love of art into a career in graphic design.

He spent 16 years working as a graphic designer first at H. George Caspari and then at Hanover Direct Inc./The Company Store.

Realizing his true passion, Brian decided to pursue fine arts full time. He applied and was admitted to the prestigious Grand Central Atelier in NY. While in the program, he continued to hone his skills in the style of classical realism based on the 19th c. French Academy. The program focused on drawing, painting and sculpture from life. He enjoys teaching others what he has learned through various workshops and having completed the program he now paints full time.

He just recently moved to the Easton/Fairfield CT area with his wife and son. Outside of art, Brian has a passion for languages, traveling and sports.





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