Carolyn Egeli [NRA 2016]


First name: Carolyn ;
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Egeli ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2016 ;
n/a ;



Carolyn Egeli is a classically trained artist with decades of experience. She lived most of her life in southern Maryland on a farm formally owned by her parents, who were both artists, and among four other siblings..all artists as well. Her father earned his living as a portrait painter of the well-to-do and achievers of his era (Bjorn Egeli, B 1900 and D. 1983). He trained Carolyn in the art of portrait painting from a young age. She built a home and studio on the water when she was 26 and lived there for 41 years with a thriving career in art, primarily painting portraits, marines, and landscapes. She has also trained a number of successful artists over the years. She raised three children and now has six grandchildren.

Recently, she sold her home in Maryland and moved to Vermont, the culmination of a lifelong dream to own her own farm there. She has a large barn studio with a wonderful north light and a view out over the pastures and hills beyond. The rural Vermont landscape is a beautiful change from the views of the water she’s enjoyed over the course of her lifetime, however she is invigorated by the challenges of a change in venue. She has already painted portraits of a Vermont State Senator and other Vermonters in the region. She is currently painting scenes of Vermont, as well as maintaining her connection with the Mid-Atlantic, painting marines of the Chesapeake for upcoming shows in both Vermont and Maryland. She occasionally gives art classes for those interested and gives art retreats at her farm upon request. Her art ranges in price from $500 to $35,000. Studio visits by appointment.





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