Charles Curtis Allen Jr (1886-1950)
American landscape painter ;
Charles C. Allen ; C.C. Allen ; C. C. Allen ; C. Curtis Allen ; Charles Allen ; Charles Allen, Jr. ; Charles Curtis Allen, Jr. ;
[Born December 13, 1886 in Waban, MA – died June 28, 1950 in Leominster, MA]


SAL record control number: 63743 ;

Record level: Person ;

Record type: Artist ;


Charles Curtis Allen (1886-1950) biography:

Birth: December 13, 1886 in Waban, MA ;
Death: June 28, 1950 in Leominster, MA ;
Sex: Male ;
Ethnicity: White ; 
 Sagittarius ;

Known for: Landscape paintings of the VT countryside and mountains ; landscape painting ;
Medium: Oil ;
Technique: Painting ;
Subjects: Mountains ;

Areas: Waban, MA ; Worcester, MA ; New York, NY ; Ogunquit, ME ; Boston, MA ; Rockport, MA ; Gloucester, MA ; Philadelphia, PA ; Jeffersonville, VT ; Leominster, MA ;
Region: North East ;
Lived: 3 Monument Street, Leominster, MA (1900) ;  21 Kewadin Road, Waban, MA (1930-1950) ;
Father: Charles Curtis Allen, Sr. (1832-?), worked as a Janitor ;
Mother: Jennie (also listed as Jenine) M Allen (1860-?) (also listed as Mary Jenny Allen) ;
Spouse: Frances (Woodland) Allen (1889-?), married 1919 ;

Training: Worcester Museum of Art School, Worcester, MA under Philip Leslie Hale (1865-1931), Hermann Dudley Murphy (1867-1945) & Henry Webster Rice (1853-1934) ;
Instructors: Philip Leslie Hale (1865-1931) ; Hermann Dudley Murphy (1867-1945) ; Henry Webster Rice (1853-1934) ;

Taught: Worcester Museum of Art School, Worcester, MA ; Summers in Jeffersonville, VT ;

Member: Salmagundi Club, New York, NY, artist member (1950) ; National Academy of Design, New York, NY, associate member (1933), academician (1940) ; Boston Society of Watercolor Painters, Boston, MA, president ; Boston Guild of Artists, Boston, MA ; Gloucester Society of Artists, Gloucester, MA ; Grand Central Art Galleries, New York, NY ; Rockport Art Association, Rockport, MA ; North Shore Art Association, Boston, MA ; Ogunquit Art Association, Ogunquit, ME ; Philadelphia Watercolor Club, Philadelphia, PA ; American Watercolor Society, New York, NY ; Guild of Boston Artists, Boston, MA ; Vermont Artist Guild, VT ;
Exhibited with: Salmagundi Club, New York, NY ; National Academy of Design, New York, NY ; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Boston, MA (exhibited by Guild of Boston Artists) ; Boston Society of Watercolor Painters, Boston, MA ; Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA (1922) ; Audubon Society, New York, NY (1944) ; Boston Tercentenary, Boston, MA (1930) ; Boston Art Club, Boston, MA ; Panama-Pacific Exposition, San Francisco, CA (1915) ;
Awards: Panama-Pacific Exposition, San Francisco, CA, bronze medal (1915) ; Boston Society of Watercolor Painters, Boston, MA, watercolor prize ; Boston Art Club, Boston, MA, gold medal ; Boston Tercentenary, Boston, MA, medal for distinction, landscapes (1930) ; Audubon Society, New York, NY, first prize (1944) ; Salmagundi Club, New York, NY, prize (1944) ;






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Record birth date:
January 1, 1886

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