Dan Coviello [H NRP 2016]


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Coviello ;

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2016 ;
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Dan has worked in the healthcare industry for the past several years in operations roles. At each organization he has tried to listen, learn, and help each hospital run more smoothly so it could better serve their patients. He has also helped startups in healthcare through the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas venture capital arm, New Ventures Initiative.

Prior to working in the healthcare space, Dan was in charge of operations for the Kansas Democratic Party during the 2018 election cycle. While living in DC, he was an early hire at Quorum, a software startup building modern tools for public affairs, government relations, and grassroots advocacy. At the United Nations, Dan served as a youth representative for a non-profit, was a policy analysis intern, and edited a UN journal on sustainable development.

Dan has spoken at the United Nations, Yale, and youth leadership events in the United States and internationally. He has been recognized as a Newman Civic Fellow and served on non-profit boards as well as the Lawrence Human Relations Commission.

Originally from Brick, New Jersey, Dan graduated from Lehigh University with a Bachelors in Environmental Engineering and a Masters in Environmental Policy. Recently, he completed his MBA at the University of Kansas.


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