Diane Rappisi [NRA 2010]

Dianne Rappisi

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Atelier artist and owner Diane Rappisi is uniquely qualified to offer high quality professional art instruction. After working for decades as a self-taught portrait artist, Diane put her career on hold in order to train full-time in Philadelphia, PA, at the innovative Studio Incamminati, which was founded by renowned artist Nelson Shanks. While studying in the Professional Program at Incamminati, Diane deepened her understanding of color, form and anatomy, and discovered her innate love of figure painting.

In Mr. Shanks’ comprehensive training program, Diane was privileged to study with contemporary realist luminaries such as Kerry Dunn, Stephen Early, Natalie Italiano, Darren Kingsley, Robert Liberace, Jon de Martin, Dan Thompson, Lea Colie Wight and other notable Studio Incamminati instructors, and she attended lectures and demonstrations by inspiring artists and teachers such as Stephen Assael, Ted Seth Jacobs and Eliott Goldfinger. Mr. Shanks’ studies with Pietro Annigoni, Robert Brackman, Ivan Olinsky, Edwin Dickinson and Henry Hensche have informed and illuminated the rigorous traditional training Diane received. Her participation in Incamminati’s Teacher Training program gave Diane the necessary skills to instruct at both group and individual levels.

Diane is delighted that she now has the opportunity, through her classes at The Atelier, to pass on her own interpretations of the artistic knowledge and traditions that have been handed down to her. In keeping with atelier tradition, The Atelier at Castle Rock’s program offers small class sizes and progressive curricula that are specifically designed to meet individuals’ needs within each level. Guest instructors are invited periodically to supplement and enhance the existing program.





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