Dylan Gillespie [SCH RA 2017]


First name: Dylan ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Gillespie ;

Member: Scholarship resident artist member ; 
2017 ;
n/a ;



Dylan Gillespie, originally from the Hudson River Valley, relocated to Italy in 2013 to train at the Florence Academy of Art. Prior to his move, Dylan had the great privilege to train with Andrew Lattimore, a representational artist based in Cornwall, New York who encouraged Dylan to apply to the FAA.

While at the Florence Academy of Art, Dylan received the awards for ‘Best Cast Drawing’ during his first year and ‘Best Painting of the Year’ in his third and final year.

Dylan works primarily in the medium of oil paint. His subjects include landscape, still-life, and portraiture. Believing that the beauty of the natural world cannot be matched by what is created through imagination, Dylan works primarily from life.

Since graduating from the FAA, Dylan works from his shared studio in Florence, Italy, and is working towards his first solo show in the summer of 2017.





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