Elizabeth Fracchia [NRA 2005]


First name: Elizabeth ; 
Middle name:
Last name:
Fracchia ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2005 ;
n/a ;


In an ongoing pursuit of greater depth in my work and a connectedness to the subconscious, I utilize the figure and more recently, pure abstraction.

Painting is an interior pursuit for me. When approaching the blank canvas, I have no preconceived ideas of what the painting will be. I use no references. My figures emerge, disappear and reappear until finally I connect strongly with the image, then the job of bringing life and emotion through paint begins. I build layers of paint, then dig back into them to reveal a texture or color underneath that adds beauty, depth and elegance to the piece. The figure is placed in an atmospheric setting, not held in by space. I paint soft edges which contribute to the breathing quality I seek. At this point, I am very emotionally connected to the work and the process of creativity.

Some of my figures deal with the feelings of isolation from broken relationships: the questioning, the loss of family, friends, partners, the loneliness, the seeking, the pain, the mystery. All human emotions we prefer to avoid but can’t.

“Silence”,  my new series, is in response to the challenging times we are living in. I have created serene paintings to provide a space to go inward, to reflect and  to escape to calm.

My Portal series is my painting process.  It is that of going inside to reach a place where the interior life can explore.





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