Francis Nguyen [NRA 2022]


First name: Francis ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Nguyen ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2022 ;
n/a ;


As an artist, I seek and discover means to express my ever changing perspectives. This process of self actualization is deeply rooted drawing, a practice which strikes me as the essential record of visual memory. Form follows function and as such I conceptualize my work through the practice of drawing and rarify form through materiality.

I love exploring mediums, materials, and techniques to improve my ability to fabricate objects. My style derives meaning through the depiction of the human body and its archetypes. My work begins with transmogrifying of the body, which is then thrust into the present day where it is met with the consolidation of art history. The archetypal figure, re-interpreted through allegory, allows various historical narratives to merge into a cohesive timeline.




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April 27, 2022

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