Jane Haher [NRA 1994]

First name: Jane ;
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Last name:
Haher ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
March 21, 1994 ;
n/a ;



I was ten years old when I took my first painting lesson at the Art Students League. Everything in my life seems to have been influenced by art. In my past career as a plastic surgeon, I always sought to find the best possible artistic result. But that great human experience of helping others, never erased in me a stubborn obsession for the visual arts. Art, to me, is a vision of the beauty of all things around us and the ability to express and communicate such vision to others. The untrained eye does not see beauty in all things; it is the artist that helps him see. As Renoir said,”…when a painter discovers this hidden treasure, other people immediately exclaim its beauty.”

I owe admiration and thanks to many artists for being an inspiration to me. The intelligence of Rembrandt, the great understanding of human nature of Velazquez are the basis of all artistic endeavors. But I was drawn by the beauty of nature. It was Corot who said to his students, “You must go to the fields, the Muse is in the woods.” And so I am there in the summer heat or the winter cold, trying to catch the light of the fields of wheat or mounds of snow. Yet, even in open spaces, I believe in featuring man as a most important component of nature.

At the same time, I find the city a beautiful place for the artist: the light, the colors, the shapes, the perspective. There is no greater challenge than to bring to canvas the power and strength of the buildings as one tries to emphasize the presence of its people. The beauty of the city is man-made and must be so recognized by the artist. Yet, since I am drawn to the sparkle of the water, the quivering of the leaves and the vibration of light, my technique has a strong impressionistic character. I strive for fidelity to nature and my canvasses show an optimistic view of city and country. No matter how dark the storm, the hope of the coming sun is reflected in my paintings.

I have now moved to Santa Fe for a new life and artistic experience. I love the light and the open spaces. But I am especially impressed by the warmth of its diverse people, by the wonderful history and its most colorful traditions. I hope that my canvasses capture the beauty of this enchanted land and the joy of its people.






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