Joseph Fraia [RA 2019]


First name: Joseph ;
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Fraia ;

Member: Resident artist member ; 
  2019 ;
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My name is Joseph. I am from New York. I live in New York.

I like to tell stories through words and images. And I seek beauty everywhere I can find it: people, landscapes, the sea, little objects, the sky.

My passion for storytelling has been the driving force in becoming an author, writer, copywriter, and content creator, and has led me to the current positions of Editor-in-Chief of Livein Media and Vice-Chairman of the PR Committee at the Salmagundi Art Club.

I am curious about a little bit of everything: from ancient mythology to contemporary art, from the Roman Empire to Game of Thrones, from graphic novels to movies and TV shows, from heavy metal to world music.

I was born in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY.

Then, when I was still a kid, my family moved to Italy, where I spent my youth and got most of my classical education. During those early years, I never stopped feeling homesick: America has always been in my heart and my soul, and I always knew I was going to come back Home.

I knew my time in Europe would have come to an end sooner or later, so I worked to make enough money, and I became a ravenous traveler. Over 12 years, I have visited almost all Provinces of Italy, many of the major European countries, and the Old World’s most iconic cities.

I lived a few years in South France and Germany, I visited North Africa and the Middle East, and eventually, I fell in love with the culture and philosophy of the Far East.

During these years, interaction with different cultures and places allowed me to refine and consolidate my skills as a writer and storyteller.

When I came back to New York, the mecca of showbiz, I soon got in touch with the media and communication industry and never left it since then. In 2015 I was appointed Editorial Director of Livein Magazine (an aspirational lifestyle magazine).

I have the privilege to do a job in which I can finally transfuse my talent as a writer and dedication to storytelling and my experience in marketing, communication, and advertising to lead a great team and run a successful business.

Photography has been my true passion since I can remember, passed on to me by my father, who gave me an encyclopedia of photography and my first camera when I was 15.

I currently work also as a freelance writer, copywriter, translator, and digital marketing expert.




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