Joseph “Joe” Palmerio [NRA 2021]

Joe Palmerio [NRA 2021]

First name: Joseph “Joe” ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Palmerio ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2021 ;
n/a ;



Joe is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the Barnes Foundation Program. He was the Artist in Residence for the Everglades National Park Florida, The Great Sand Dune National Park Colorado, The Forgotten Coast Apalachicola Fl. Exhibited in the Coutts Museum, Kansas, for the Top 100 National Parks Painters. He has twice taught workshops in SW France. Interviewed by Amy Tardiff for Arts Edition on NPR. He spent seven years teaching

disabled populations for the City of Philadelphia Recreation Dept. He has won numerous awards for Quick draw competitions during plein air events. He has been the Vice President of the Pines and Palms plein air association for nine years. He also starred in the film A Lot in Common, which debuted at the Sarasota Film Festival, 2012. His mural commissions include the Mel Fisher Atocha expedition, Orlando Airport, Acme Market Corporation, Duval House B &B Key West, Murphy Recreation Center Philadelphia. “My work is imbued with a soft painterly approach that captures the fleeting moments of nature”.





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