Karen J Loew [EM RA 1999]

First name: Karen  ; 
Middle name:
J. ;
Last name:
Loew  ;

Member: Emeritus resident artist member ; 
1999 ;
n/a ;



Karen Loew is a long-standing artist member of the Salmagundi Club and serves on the Board of Directors. The club, located in Manhattan, is one of the oldest art clubs in the United States. She has chaired the Coast Guard Art Program (COGAP) committee since 2001 and has been honored with the club’s Emeritus Member status. She is the liaison between Salmagundi, the program co-sponsor, and the United States Coast Guard.

In 2002, the Coast Guard sent her to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (GTMO) to document activities of Coast Guard Port Security Unit 305. She is frequently a speaker at COGAP events and has presented webinars about the art program. In December, 2019 she deployed to the Maritime Law Enforcement Academy (MLEA) in Charleston, SC and created three paintings for COGAP.

Ms. Loew is a recipient of COGAP’s top honor, the George Gray Award for Artistic Excellence for her painting “Harbor Rendezvous.” She was given the Coast Guard Distinguished Public Service Award in 2011, the highest recognition given to those who have made outstanding contributions in advancing the Coast Guard’s mission. She considers her volunteer work as COGAP artist and Committee Chair to be the most meaningful of her art career.

There are over 30 works by Ms. Loew in the COGAP Collection and she continues to be a regular contributor of her paintings to the program. Her work is in numerous private collections, including several of her print work on paper in the Curator’s Collection at Salmagundi Club.

Karen currently resides with her husband, psychological mystery and suspense writer Paul Backalenick, in Northern Manhattan.





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