Karen Weihs [NRA 2021]

First name: Karen ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Weihs ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2021 ;
n/a ;


Karen Weihs, a fine arts degree major worked the day after graduating from college as a graphic designer and calligrapher until finding her passion for oil painting. Using mostly the palette knife, her design sense lead her to the quality of pushing landscape work into abstraction. A sought after teacher, she created her luminous style that led her to be called the “colorist of the south.” She and other artists opened a successful gallery in Charleston, SC, her birth city, for 17 years to its closing. Winning awards, she drew national attention to her painting and joined southern galleries and attracted serious collectors. Her work is in major collections and museums. Member of The American Women Artists, The Impressionistic Society, and the Salmugundi Club, she continues to enter completions, paint commissions, and create work for gallery yearly shows. She recently moved from Highlands, NC to Sarasota, FL with her retired restauranteur husband, Chris, to continue their interest in playing competitive croquet as partners. Her interest in playing the sport has led her to painting onsite at special croquet events while continuing her teaching career as an art mentor for private and workshop students.

For more information on Karen, follow her on Instagram @karenweihsfineart.





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