Kathy Detrano [NRA 2014]


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Detrano ;

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2014 ;
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Kathy Detrano is a pastel artist who began her study of painting and portraiture in mid life with private instruction from PSA Signature member and dear friend, Carol Duerwald. Ms. Detrano has augmented her personal studies with numerous workshops under professional artists, and especially mentor Richard McKinley. She has also studied with Master Pastelists Albert Handel, Frank Zuccarelli, Allyn Schaeffer, Tim Gaydos, Sally Strand, Margaret Dyer and Joe Hing Lowe and PSA Signature artists Christina Debarry, Barbara Jaenicke, Lyn Asselta, and others. She has donated commissioned portraits to Domestic Abuse of Warren County, Suncoast Basset Rescue and the Clumber Spaniel Club of America. In addition, she has won numerous awards in regional and national art shows, including the Art Spirit Gold Medal Award for Excellence in the 87th Grand National Show and the Claude Parsons Memorial Award in the 66th Grand National Show of the of the American Artists Professional League in New York City, First Place in the Salmagundi Club’s Works on Paper Show in 2015, and the Pastel Society of America’s “Joe Hing Lowe” Scholarship in 1997.

Kathy Detrano, an avid plein air artist and studio pastel painter, is now deeply involved in the exploration of landscape painting, focusing on ‘finding the light’ though the exploration of value, color, and atmosphere. She holds Signature membership in the Pastel Society of America and the Pastel Society of Tampa Bay, is a member of the Board of Governors of the Pastel Society of America and received her first IAPS Masters Circle point in 2013. Kathy is also a full artist member of the American Artists Professional League and the Salmagundi Club, both in New York and is President Emeritus of the Pastel Society of Tampa Bay.






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