Kevin Muller Cisneros [SCH NRA 2018]


First name: Kevin ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Muller Cisneros ;

Member: Scholarship non-resident artist member ; 
2018 ;
n/a ;



Kevin (b.1992) and his family immigrated to the US from their native Peru in the year 2003. They settled a new home in Fairfax, Virginia, a county relatively close to the National Gallery in Washington D.C., a museum Kevin would spend visiting through much of his youth. As a senior in high school, he was awarded the National American Visions Medal from the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. In 2013, he moved to New York to study at Grand Central Atelier. Upon completion in 2017, he became an instructor. Kevin has been a recipient of the Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund Scholarship, the Anders Larson-Toich Fund Scholarship, and the GCA Structure Prix. Currently, he lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Kevin teaches painting in GCA’s Core Program.




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