Larry Martinez [RP 2022]

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First name: Larry ;
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Martinez ;

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2022 ;
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Larry is a management-side Labor & Employment attorney in practice for over 15 years. He was born and raised in Yorkville, Manhattan and had always loved art, languages, and music. He discovered a passion for art and creativity from his mother who designed and created children’s clothing. Growing up, Larry was surrounded with fabric, color pencils, patterns, and pure creativity. During high School and college, he explored his abilities in drawing and painting. In college, he lived in Paris for a year and was able to explore great cultural centers which furthered his love for art, culture, music, and languages.

However, Larry also loved the law and at the end of college at Wesleyan University, he pivoted to pursuing a career in the law. After completing his studies at Albany Law School, Larry devoted a large part of his life to developing his law practice…. Now Larry is ready to pivot once again and explore the part of his life which has laid dormant for years. Larry looks forward to immersing himself in the enrichment offered by the Salmagundi community for many years to come.

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