Laurel Adele Devoti-Reuss [EM RA 1999-2023]

First name: Laurel ;
Middle name:
Adele ;
Last name:
Devoti-Reuss ;

Member: Emeritus resident artist member ;
1999 ;
2023 ;


Laurel Adele Devoti-Reuss was a born and raised Staten Islander. Born in Fort Wadsworth and raised in Rosebank she attended New Dorp High School where she studied art with Mrs. Katherine Kacsur and Mr. Irwin Miller. After high school she continued to study art on her own. She taught herself to oil paint and work with pastels by studying books and viewing works of old masters in New York City museums. She continued to develop her artist skills while being married and raising three children. She was known locally for numerous illustrations she created for “Spotlight” a local public school newsletter.

Her artistic dedication lead her to become an active member of the Staten Island arts organization: The Artists Federation. She regularly displayed her work at the galleries in Snug Harbor and other galleries and venues throughout Staten Island. Her floral works were displayed in the windows of Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan and she taught art to young students at Augie Napoli’s Studio in Oakwood. Eventually she joined the Salmagundi Club and was an active member since 1999. As a member she has won awards and sold many pieces. In 2007 she won a prestigious award for her oil painting Persimmons & Peaches. In 2008-2011 she served on the Admissions Committee and rose to position of Vice-Chairman of Admissions interviewing a plethora of membership candidates.

In September 2014 she had one woman show at the Salmagundi Club titled: “Laurel Devoti Reuss Oils and Pastels” Thirty-seven oil and pastel pieces were on display in the Salmagundi Club’s prestigious private Patron’s gallery. The subjects ranged from still lifes, floral works and some conceptual pieces.

In 2021 she was give the prestigious honor of Emeritus membership. She passed peacefully in May of 2023, after a long life of loving art.





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