Our Library is “busting” out all over

Thanks to our Library Chairman, Alexander Katlan, our non-stop library held its first prestigious
library sculpture competition where likenesses were to be of famous Salmagundi members.

The winners were announced just after the sculptures were presented on our website.

First prize was awarded to Heather Personett for her bust of Augustus St. Gaudens. In addition,
the following sculptors whose busts will appear on exhibition at a later date.
2. Jane Buettner, Alphonse Mucha
3. A. Vuckovic, St. Gaudens
4. Maude Brady, St. Gaudens
5. Matt Gemmeii, St. Gaudens
6. Zoe Dufur, St. Gaudens
7. Susan Wakeen, W. M. Chase
8. Kate Brockman, N.C. Wyeth
9. Erik Ebeling, St. Gaudens
10.Quin McCann, St. Gaudens

Even the jurors were spectacular.

Jacob Collins is the President and Resident Artist Member of Salmagundi. Collins is the founder of the Water Street Atelier, the Grand Central Academy of Art, and the hudson River

Robbie Wraith R.P. studied under Pietro Annigoni in Florence and London. He has had 38 solo exhibitions and among the distinguished portrait sitters were Her Majesty the Queen, Nelson
Mandela, and the Archbishops of Canerbury and York.

Alicia Ponzio completed her artistic training at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. She was then the director of the Artistic Academy and Ecorche Sculpture programs.

Robert Bodem graduated Cum Laude from Boston University with an undergraduate degree in sculpture and a Master of Fine Arts. He founded the Florence Academy of Arts sculpture
program. Bodem is the founding director of the Athens Sculpture Atelier.

David William-Ellis was born in Northern Ireland. He studied in Florence, Italy under the legendary octogenarian Nerina Simi. Ellis joined a community of marble carvers in Pietrasanta,
Italy beneath the Carrara Mountains of Tuscany.

Donna Hassler is the Executive Director of Chesterwood, the former home of Daniel Chester French, Stockbridge, MA. Hassler was the co-author of American Sculpture at the Metropolitan
Museum of Art.

George Gwizzda studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Poland. His works are in numerous collections of the Museu d’Art Modern in Barcelona.