Lineage, generations of realism.

t has been said, if you pass by the steps of Salmagundi about 3:AM in the morning, any Friday night, you can

see the ghosts of William Merritt Chase, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Childe Hassam, and N.C. Wyeth leaving the building, still discussing the concept of art  during their time of prominence.

Especially those of us who are artists and studied with the greats of today, remember our mentors who approached our canvases and made the slightest of comments concerning choice of color, brushstrokes, shapes, or general techniques as we yet accomplished another painting. 
Last October, 2022, we accepted the artist Laura Paray as a new member. Laura uses a palette of colors first conceived by Frank V. Dumond. She also studied with Arthur F. Maynard at the Ridgewood Art Center, and was passed on to John P. Osborne, then took her studies to the Art Students League to further her education. Laura Paray uses the same methods today when she paints, which she learned from these great artists to accomplish her work.
Our Lineage exhibition enhanced our galleries from November 20th to December 10th last year in 2022. To tell the story properly, our Parlor highlighted our forefathers as William Merritt Chase, Julian Alden Weir, Emil Carlsen, Norman Rockwell, Dean Cornwel, and Frank Duvenek. 
A chicken lays lifeless on its back.

Still Life with Fowl and Copper Pot
Soren Emile Carlesen

A woman rests on an outdoor chair, covered by a blanket. Behind a nearby tree, a man serenades her with an acoustic guitar from the shadows.

Song of the South
Newell Convers Wyeth

A young child in a blue dress and red shoulder ribbons looks at us from the foot of a bed.

Julian Alden Weir

The entrance area of our Skylight Gallery was filled with paintings by Nelson Shanks, Burt Silverman, Frank Dumond, and Martha Mayer Erlebacher, just to name a few.
Jesus reaches out to two fishermen as they are mid-catch with a net of fish.

Christ and the Fisherman
Frank Vincent DuMond

A still life of a plate of a basket of squash. White fabric trails out of the basket and under another late with a trio of knives.

American Still Life II
Martha Mayer Erlebacher

A young woman with a brown braid looks at the viewer. Her hands are clasped together. She wears a rosary around her neck.

Kaytrina (Ukrainian Dancer)
Richard Schmid

The main part of our Skylight Gallery represented such artists as Joke Frima, Judith Kudlow, Kathy Anderson, Nathan Bertling, Alessandra Marrucci,  Elizabeth Beard, Rodrigo Mateo, Patricia Watwood,  and a sculpture of Madame Nerina Simi,by Fred X. Brownstein,  plus many other fine works of art.
A coat rack is overwhelmed by a barrage of hats, scarves, belts, and coats.

Worn Through
Nathan Bertling

An older woman wearing overalls look at the viewer. She wears a pearl earring on her left ear and behind her are shelves of Asian ceramic sculptures.

Self Portrait with Pearl Earring
Alessandra Marrucchi

A bust of a an older woman with slicked back hair, a pearl necklace, and a blazer, sits in a workshop.

Portrait of Maestra Nerina Simi
Fred Brownstein

Reception night was a gala event in every way. Throngs of enthusiastic leaders of the art world flooded our townhouse. See our front and back covers for paintings by two of our prominent historic members.