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Fine artist Lisa Egeli is known for her ability to infuse not only the likeness, but the personality of her subjects, into her portraits. Similarly, into her landscapes and seascapes she conveys a sense of truly being there, a feeling for the uniqueness of that moment and that place.

This ability to bring out the best in her portrait subjects has led to repeated commissions by many portrait clients. Lisa has completed commissions of nearly a dozen department chairs and doctors for Johns Hopkins Hospital and University, and five presidents, a board chair and major donors for Washington College. Other portrait clients include the University of California Davis Medical School (Vice Chancellor and Dean,) the University of Maryland Medical School (Dean,) the George Washington University Law School (Dean,) and the Maryland National Guard (Adjutant General.)

Lisa’s land and seascapes portray the uniqueness of a place in a moment of time, capturing the light and its seemingly magical effects on the scene. Her work is inspired by her love of nature, and a belief in the need to highlight the vulnerability of our natural world. Her penchant for travel has allowed her to build a body of work including views from around the world, working both en plein air and in the studio, most commonly in oil and often in pastel or watercolor. Her paintings have been featured in numerous exhibits and are held in many permanent collections.

A passion for painting nature has taken Lisa all over the world. In 1991 she set out on a nine-month painting tour that took her to Europe, Southeast Asia, China, and New Zealand. In the years since, her painting trips have included Africa, South America, Europe, Asia and many U.S. destinations. She has been artist-in-residence at locations as varied as a museum in Brittany, France, an art center in Miami Beach, Florida, a lodge in remote coastal Georgia, a dune shack in Cape Cod National Seashore and an historic cabin in Southeastern Alaska.

The inspiration to paint began in Lisa’s childhood, growing up in Maryland in a family of artists. She learned many skills from her father, a prominent portrait painter (Peter Egeli) who has painted members of the U.S. Cabinet, titans in business, and many others throughout his career. Peter’s father and Lisa’s grandfather, Bjorn Egeli, initiated this family tradition, as a distinguished painter of portraits. A U.S. President, Generals and Justices were among his subjects.

Lisa is the President and a Fellow of the American Society of Marine Artists, a Signature Member of the Society of Animal Artists, and a member of two century-old professional art organizations, the Salmagundi Club of New York City and the Washington Society of Landscape Painters. Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine has featured Lisa as one of “Today’s Masters”, and she has been included in a number of books and magazine articles.

Lisa Egeli lives by the shores of the Chesapeake Bay most of the year and travels frequently to beautiful and inspiring parts of the globe.





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