Lois H Constantine [NRA 1982]

First name: Lois ;
Middle name:
H ;
Last name:
Constantine ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
1982 ;
n/a ;



Lois had never considered painting until one day while using hypnosis, in a successful effort to control migraine headaches, she experienced a sudden desire to paint, and felt compelled to go into town and purchase art supplies. She produced a small floral painting and enjoyed the experience very much. Her husband Jay encouraged her to find a good teacher and study art seriously.

She began her studies with the very popular artist and teacher Robert Brackman at his summer school, The Madison Art School in Madison, CT where she studied for seven summers. During the first two years she also studied with Foster Caddell of Voluntown, CT, and credits him with teaching her the basics of painting. She continued her studies with Brackman at the Lyme Academy of Fine Art, where she was monitor of the Brackman classes. It was this experience that made her aware that she would enjoy teaching.

Following the death of her dear friend and mentor Robert Brackman in July of 1980, some of his students began encouraging her to teach and thus continue the Brackman tradition.

About two years later she did start teaching classes, which were attended primarily by former Brackman students. Lois encourages her students to work from life, in the impressionist style, and stresses the basics of composition, color and value. She currently teaches at her own art school, and continues to find great satisfaction in passing on the joy and fulfillment found in the art of painting.






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