Marc Duquette [NRA 2021]


First name: Marc ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Duquette ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
n/a ;
n/a ;


Born: 1973

Currently living in Buffalo, NY

“As child, I drew everywhere and on everything. When I entered high school, my focus switched to wrestling, which continued into college and after. I wrestled Div 1 for Hofstra University, and afterwards competed in Senior National level events in Greco-Roman. My brother’s work as an illustrator inspired me to go back to University for drawing and painting. After graduating from SUNY Buffalo State College in 2002, I attended a few workshops and continued to study on my own. I read, drew, and painted as much as I could for the next eight years. I was introduced to the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto, and fell in love with it. I traveled several times a month from Buffalo to Toronto to study part-time with this great program for seven years.

“I am currently working on a series of narrative figure pieces and portraits. My work focuses on the figure and portraiture.”




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October 11, 2021

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