Mary McKenna Ridge [RA 2016]

Mar McKenna Ridge

First name: Mary ;
Middle name:
McKenna ;
Last name:
Ridge ;

Member: Resident artist member ;
2016 ;
n/a ;



Traveling the streets of New York City and elsewhere, day and night, is a joy, and I’m always on the lookout for a “perfect” scenario. Shooting in the evening and at night without a flash often allows existing light and shadows to speak for themselves.

Moods are always “there,” but time has to be on my side. If one pauses for a few seconds or longer, an opportunity may be lost. A “must” is an emotional connection to an image, an individual, or a crowd, in any setting.

Color, composition, design, and texture are as integral to photography as they are to painting and drawing. With a background in painting, graphic design, and art education, I strive to use these elements in my photographic work.

A cityscape can appear as lush and beautiful as a meadow in the countryside, as quiet as a deserted rural train station, or as energetic as the crowds in Times Square, Delhi, or Rome! Likewise, the skies and water exhibit atmospheric changes hour by hour, day by day, all of which together or separately can invoke lovely and dazzling scenarios.

We are all affected by our surroundings, whether through nature or man-made works, and no matter where we may be, the human footprint is there as well; in joy, sorrow, turmoil, at rest, or in contemplation. These images are all part of my life and world.




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