Matthew M Schulz [NRA 2007]

Matt Schultz

First name: Matthew ;
Middle name:
M ;
Last name:
Schulz ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ;
2007 ;


Matthew Schultz started dreaming of becoming an artist when he was a small child and has spent most his life perfecting his craft. With a background in Animation his sculptural works invoke a sense of movement and play. Drawing inspiration from The Black Rock desert and the wild freedom of Burning Man, Schultz started to push the boundaries between art, architecture and experience with art as world building.

Schultz’s modern work explores the rich interplay between the mind; the development of self and community through collective action; and our interaction with our environment. Our minds; like our societies and ecosystems, emerge from a collection of smaller micro interactions to build macro systems of “emergent realities” and Schultz strives to reflect these concepts in his art.




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