Members’ purchase prize, 1921-1931.


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Title: Members’ purchase prize, 1921-1931 ; 

Begin Date: 1921 ; 
End Date: 1931 ; 

Description / background:
$1000 awarded at the annual oil exhibition.

Purchased for the Salmagundi Club Collection. In a letter written to the club membership by J. Massey Rhind, 1923, states, “…It will be remembered that two years ago a group of members suggested that, as the foremost art club of the country, the Salmagundi Club should establish a permanent collection of paintings by members of the Club, securing one important canvas from each Annual Oil Exhibition. As a result of this plan Mr. Robert Spencer’s picture, One O’clock was acquired 2 years ago, and Mr. John Noble’s picture, Moonlight Audierne was last year. The funds for the acquisition of these pictures were supplied through voluntary subscriptions, and your committee feels that the same plan of popular subscription will be most satisfactory means of establishing this years Prize Purchase fund…. “

1921 – Robert Spencer (1879-1931) for One o’clock  [likely deaccessioned – sold privately to Davis, CT 1970s]
1922 – John “Wichita Bill” Noble (1874-1934) for Moonlight audieme
1923 – Gerald Franklin Leake (1885-1975) for The song
1924 – Frank Howard Desch (1873-1934) for La robe de boudoir
1925 – Richard Edward Miller (1875-1943) for Ellen – sewing  [likely deaccessioned, sold privately to Davis, CT 1970s]
1926 – Howard Logan Hildebrandt (1872-1958) for The little bathers
1927 – Henry Hobart Nichols Jr (1869-1962) for Little pool  [likely deaccessioned, possibly called Woodland pool and sold at 2011 Cobbs auctions?]
1928 – Walter Granville-Smith for November morning  [may be one called Landscape in the collection]
1929 – Sigurd Skou (1875-1929) for In harbor
1930 – Roy Henry Brown (1879-1956) for The square tower
1931 – Arthur James Emery Powell (1864-1956) for Clear and cold


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