My Secret Hay Bale and Barn Fetish

Steve Hill at Windswept Studios in Lopez, WA

a pastel drawing of hay bales in a field.
the b logo is shown on a white background.

eing from the State of Washington, Steve Hill has always been impressed where barns stood proud in the rural

landscape, woven into flat farmlands or set against the desert and forests, his love for painting them is firmly entrenched. Barns and farm fields in
July during hay season evoke a strong, almost primal urge that makes him want to stop, absorb, meditate and paint at the moment. Time stands still
wherever Steve has the opportunity to work in this rural environment.

a painting of a barn with a green roof.

It comes as no surprise that July is National Barn month all
across the U.S. The San Juan Islands and farm fields of the
nearby Skagit Valley rival those in Idaho. Here are some of
my barn paintings from the Pacific Northwest that I have
done over the years.

Left: Old Kjargaard Barn
9×12 unframed Original Pastel

There’s comfort knowing that barns still exist and that hay fields give them a
proper place to be in a world becoming ever more crowded, fast-paced, and out
of sync. When I can rest my back on a hay bale in a sunlit field or ponder the life
of an old barn, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be! As the number of barns in
the world diminishes, you can enjoy the same feeling with one of my paintings
in your home collection. If you do not see something that you are in love
with, I also create exceptional commission paintings when barns/hay bales
are involved!

Right: Island Icon in Evening LightI
20×24 Framed Original Pastel

a pastel drawing of a blue house with a green roof.
a painting of a red barn in a field.

Above left: Fog Dance Rocky R Ranch

a painting of a cabin with a mountain in the background.

Above Right: Hay Season at Mt. Adams
14×16 framed Original Pastel

a painting of hay bales in a field.

Above Left: The Northwest 40
28×36 framed Original Pastel

a painting of hay bales in a field.

Above Right: Field with a View

a painting of a barn in a field.

Above Left: Barn with a View, San Juan Island
18×24 framed Original Pastel

a painting of a house in the middle of a field.

Above Right: Buck Bay Icon
17×22 Framed Pastel

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