Olga Nielsen [NRA 2016]


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Nielsen ;

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I was born in Russia and attended the Moscow School of Fine Arts, where I studied art history and figure painting and drawing in the classical realistic tradition, with anatomy studies, and drawing and painting from life models.

I also studied at the Department of Applied Arts and Design at Moscow Textile Institute and graduated with a BFA in painting, textile design and fashion illustration and design in 1977.

Before immigrating to the United States, I spent the summer of 1981 in Italy, studying art at the greatest museums. To be in Rome, to spend days in front of the masterpieces in the Vatican and to study for weeks the works of the Masters was an unforgettable experience.

After moving to Philadelphia, I worked for many years in design departments of textile and fashion industry companies.

I continued to paint and draw and exhibited at the local art centers and galleries and in 1998 started working full-time as a professional figurative artist. At that time my interest in sculpture grew stronger and I started working in terra cotta.

I went back to school at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2005 to study stone sculpture and figure modeling.

Most of my bronze and stone sculptures, paintings and drawings focus on the female figure, because portraying women lets me address my own experiences as a woman, as a mother, lets me reflect on everyday moments of our lives, share their poetry and their timeless universal meaning.

Many of my works are in private and public collections, majority of them are small sculptures, pastel figure drawings, and privately commissioned portraits, several sculptures are public works for church and school.

I have exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in the Delaware Valley and in the national and international exhibitions and received many awards for my works.

I’m an Elected member of National Sculpture Society, and a Signature Status member of the Portrait Society of America.

Presently I live and work in Wilmington, Delaware and teach portrait and figure drawing and sculpting at the local art centers and at the Delaware College of Art and Design.






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