Patricia Hynes [RA 2016]


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2016 ;
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Patricia Hynes, TetheredPatricia Hynes received a MFA from Rutgers University, now the Mason Gross School of the Arts and a BA from Douglas College, now incorporated into Rutgers University. After a period of teaching Studio Art and Art History she pursued a career in non profit institutions working in the areas of development and then institutional advancement. Administrative positions she held included Deputy Director for the Cincinnati Art Museum; Vice President for Pratt Institute; Vice President for the American Craft Museum, now the Museum of Arts and Design; Director of Alumni Relations; Associate Director of University Development, and Development Director Tisch School of the Arts all for New York University. In addition, she held development posts at the Whitney Museum and the Brooklyn Museum.


Patricia Hynes, MemoriesArtist Statement

The act of painting is one of the rare instances in life where one can be totally free to express one’s emotions and thoughts. It is a calling that is not to be taken lightly, or without responsibility, to oneself and to others. It is not something the artist chooses to do like a paying career. It is something the artist is driven to produce which is the unattainable. In reality this work is work that will never be perfect for the imperfections, mistakes and frustrations the artist experiences in one painting are the driving factors that lead to another painting. Painting starts in the artist’s mind that forms a concept. This concept is challenged by a confrontation with the canvas on how to become a statement about life. Life with all its twists and turns, good and bad, happy and sad, beautiful and repulsive. But life that is lived by all.






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