Pia Ledy [NRA 2021]

Pia Ledy

First name: Pia ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Ledy ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
2021 ;
n/a ;


Pia Ledy is a contemporary realist painter based in TriBeCa and Watermill, New York. While her work includes still life, portraiture and landscape. Pia’s joy has been animals, primarily dogs, where she has been commissioned to paint numerous pets over the years. Her appreciation of birds and flowers, a lifetime of interest piqued by the wide variety on the East End, also play an important role in Pia’s daily painting. She has had several solo shows and has been included in numerous group shows. Recently, one of her new paintings, “Eames Pony Skin Chair”, was selected to be auctioned at Sotheby’s as part of The New York Academy of Art’s juried Artists for Artists event in December 2021 and is now in Beth Rudin DeWoody’s collection.




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