Ronald N Sherr (1952-2022) [JR RA 1970s-1980s]

A man with graying hair looks to the side inquisitively, with Chinese windows serving as a backdrop.


First name: Ronald ;
Middle name:
N ;
Last name:
Sherr ;

Member: Junior resident artist member ; 
1970s ;
1980s ;



Ron always described the way in which he worked as a constant search—a search for the right composition, the right color, the right stroke, the right light, the right mood, the right expression, which would in turn yield the essential character of an inanimate object, a place, a scene, or a person. He never adhered strictly to any particular school of artistic ideology or style. The search was always his own…

When not painting portraits, even those he did for himself, Ron explored a few certain subjects time and again in the course of his never-ending search. The main subjects of these explorations were architectural scenes, mimes, or the Saltimbocca character (as popularized by Picasso in his early works), the human form, artists’ mannequins, and seahorses.

As Ron was primarily a Greenwich Village Artist, many of the scenes he explored early on were views from his studio or from nearby. Hence, both St. Mark’s Church and Grace Church figure prominently in his work. It was an extended stay in Florence in 1987-88, which yielded his studio view of Piazza Santissima Annunziata.
In 2007, Ron relocated with his family to Asia. However, by this time, Ron’s portrait career was flourishing, leaving him to continue his artistic explorations mainly in his portraits. Many of his most notable portraits of public figures, such as General Colin Powell, Speaker Pelosi and Speaker Boehner were painted in Asia.




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