Sculpting our Heroes panel discussion.

fter months of final preparation, our five top winners in our Parlor for a reception, then to a very interesting panel

discussion moderated by Peter Trippi, the editor-in-chief of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine.
The five finalists were Heather Personett, who won First Prize and followed by Susan Wakeen, Kate Brockman, Erik Ebling, and Matt Gemmell. 
Four smiling figures pose for a photo amongst paintings on the wall. A woman wears a mustard yellow jacket, a man wears a gray hoodie, with two people in long black tops.
Questions from Peter Trippi helped to tell the story of the sculpture world today. They spoke of the efforts to create a bust, and as part of their business to honestly speak of making their profits. 
Following the panel discussion, a large group of both sculptors, Mr. Trippi, and members of the audience gathered at a large table in our dining room. Comments about the extensive menu and the quality of the foods were highly gratifying, to say the least.
Various busts of Augustus Saint-Gaudens are displayed along the wall under paintings.
Sculptor Heather Personett stands next to her 2022 prize-winning bust of Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Her hands are folded over each other and she wears a long taupe scarf.
Sculptor Heather Personett smiles for a photo with Salmagundi Library Committee chairman Alexander Katlan. Between them is her 2022 prize-winning bust of August Saint-Gaudens.