Seth Harris [RA 2017]

First name: Seth ;
Middle name:
Last name:
Harris ;

Member: Resident junior artist member ; 
n/a ;



Seth Harris was born in 1983 in Annapolis Maryland. In 2005 he received a bachelors in Naval Architecture from New York Maritime and began working mostly on oil tankers. He eventually gained the license of Chief Engineer while he also developed his skills as an illustrator and painter.

In 2010 he stopped shipping and came to work on land full time. That year he co-authored and illustrated the children’s picture book “Wings of Glory”. His latest book, “Jurassic Brunch”, is available in paperback and digital versions. The Mermaids of North America is a series of watercolor paintings that have shown at several art houses and galleries in New York City. He has won several awards for his most recent oil paintings of dancers.

He is an exhibiting artist member at the Salmagundi Club and The National Art League.




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