Sharon Way-Howard First Woman Art Committee chair award


Sharon Way-Howard (b.1951)
Sharon Way-Howard (b.1951)


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Title: Sharon Way-Howard First Woman Art Committee Chair award ;

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This annual award commemorates Sharon’s service to the Club as the first woman to be elected to chair the Art Committee (Member 1999, Art Committee 2002-2010, Art Committee Chair 2007-2010, 3rd VP 2011-2012, Board of Directors 2007-2012) since the Club’s founding in 1851. Women were first welcomed to membership in 1973. Ruth Reininghaus (now approaching 100 years old) was the first woman President in 1983-1987. The award is given to a woman artist working in any medium.

As Art Committee Chair, Sharon ran the committee’s functions of jurying new artist applicants’ work for membership, jurying submitted works for inclusion in all Club shows and managing the hanging of all Club shows. Sharon’s philosophy was always to hang the shows so as to present each Artist’s work in its best possible light, to foster sales of the work and give the Club’s exhibits the best professional appearance.

During her tenure, Sharon revived the Club’s traditional Monotype nights, and (with Mike Budden) established the Plein Air events in our neighborhood. Sharon also served as one of the Auctioneers during many Club auction events.

Sharon valued the collegial, supportive atmosphere of the Club and the many Artists who became her great friends and colleagues during her time here. While respecting all of her colleagues in this diverse organization, she noted that women artists’ work historically was less valued. Therefore, this Award in her name is designed to pay it forward in support and celebration of women artists.


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