Susan B Whitfield [EM 1997]

Susan Whitfield

First name:  Susan ;
Middle name:
B ;
Last name:
  Whitfield ;

Member: Emeritus member ; 
1997 ;

End: n/a ;


For photographer and Texas native Susan Whitfield, a love of art and history fuels her desire to create beautiful, imaginative photographic compositions. What began as a somewhat random selection process has been streamlined to an intentional practice; Whitfield’s work focuses on Texas history, particularly the history of its courthouses. Whitfield travels all across Texas to find subjects for her photography, searching for unique settings and things that often go unnoticed in everyday life. Her travels and her photography have allowed her to discover parts of Texas and small town life that she wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise.

Whitfield’s photos manage to capture the essence of her subjects, both the towns and the people who live there. She focuses on the small moments—a girl sitting and reading, a cat on a patio chair—that conveys the day to day lives of her subjects without disrupting their routines. “There is joy in [finding subjects],” she said, “and I want to convey that joy.” Whitfield’s work reminds her viewers that life is happening all around us if we are only able to look for it.




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