Susan G Hammond [NRA 2003]

First name: Susan ; 
Middle name:
G ;
Last name:
Hammond ;

Member: Non-resident artist member ; 
November 28, 2003 ;
n/a ;


Susan G. Hammond is a contemporary photographer, who was born in Queens, NY. She relocated with her husband to the hills of New Jersey approximately 20 years ago. Susan enjoys capturing divergent images using her two Canon digital cameras (Sigma SD10 and Canon XTI). She enjoys capturing reflective images as metaphors for her eclectic view of the world. Susan has used traditional dark room and digital darkroom processes for final renderings of her photography.

Susan enjoys documentary work, capturing landscapes and figurative studies, but prefers capturing emotions, portraits, and symbolic images representing the darker side of life. 98% of her work is in Black and White, as she feels they exude feelings and emotions, rather than being surprised and enamored by colors. Robert Maxwell said it the best when he stated that a “good photograph consists of using three things: your eyes, your mind and your heart.” Susan focuses on these concepts.

In 1997, she earned her Associates Degree in Graphic Design, from Sussex County Community College, a BFA from William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey in 2001, and a MFA degree from William Paterson University, Wayne, New Jersey in 2005, with a focus in photography and sculpture. Susan has also attended workshops and classes with remarkable photographers including: Bruce Davidson, Robert Farber, Ralph Gibson, George Holtz, David Horton, Douglas Kirkland, Tanya Marcuse, Mary Ellen Mark, Robert Maxwell, Dan McCormack, Elizabeth Opalenick, Phil Perkis, Platon, Ernestine Rubin, Joyce Tenneyson and Jock Sturges.

What Susan chooses to photograph is her personal statement. It is her description of what she sees. It is her language and expression. It tells the world who she is and where she is on her journey. She feels that there is a photograph in every blink of an eye. She enjoys doing series work that is open ended, rather than projects that have beginnings and endings.

Over the last three decades, Susan has not only judged a variety of competitions and exhibitions, but has received numerous monetary awards, personal recognition and prizes for her own photography. She has been published with Canon and Nikon and also articles were written about her in the Montclair Times, Star Ledger and Jersey Herald. Her work has been in solo and group shows throughout the United States, as well as traveling corporate exhibitions. Her work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Art in Lakewood, TX. Susan is a member of 8 art organizations, and is on the Executive Board of the National Association of Women Artists.

In December of 2019 Susan retired as the Executive Director of the National Association of Women Artists. This organization was established in 1889 and is the oldest women’s art organization in the United States. NAWA celebrated its 130th Anniversary in 2019. She now has time to pursue her own artistic endeavors.





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