Jafang Lu [NRA 2022] : Jeff, 2022.


Jafang Lu [NRA 2022]
Jeff, 2022
Oil on canvas
24 x 18 inches

Nelson Shanks perhaps influenced the way I think about painting/art more than other artists I have met and studied under. Those who know his work know him to be a superb draftsman and colorist. What is not apparent is that he was (though opinionated) fairly open-minded when it came to teaching. His teaching was more philosophical than methodical. Though not necessarily stated by him in those words, here are some thoughts that still influence me today: there are many approaches to realism (but being timid isn’t one of them), learn from others, approach your subject with an open-mind and observe carefully. In addition to teaching figure painting at Studio Incamminati, I periodically teach painting and drawing workshops around the country.

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