Call for entries

Open to Salmagundi
members only

Fall Auctions
Submission deadline: Thu, August 25
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Submission deadline: Mon, October 17
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Non-juried Summer
This exhibition is currently taking place.
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Open to both Salmagundi
members and the public

Submission deadline: Mon, August 22
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Pastels Showcase
Submission deadline: Mon, September 12
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Landscapes – Studio Works
This submission deadline has passed.
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En Plein Air
This submission deadline has passed.
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Drawings from Life
This exhibition is currently taking place.
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Frequently asked questions

I am interested in submitting, but have questions about the exhibition. Who should I contact?

Can I submit my artwork by delivering it physically?

  • No. All submissions must be submitted digitally via the ShowSubmit platform. Links to the submission form for each show can be found in their prospectuses.

I do not know what my framed size will be yet. Is a framed size required for submission?

  • No – framed sizes are not required at the time of submission. Once the works are juried, accepted artists will receive their acceptance email with a link to a separate form to submit your framed images and sizes. These details will be included in addition to your works in our online catalog.

I’m not sure how I want to price my work. Can I put a placeholder and ask to change it later?

  • No. We ask artists to please finalize ALL details of their entries during the submission period. Once the deadline has passed, all information is processed and we will NOT accept changes to details in any form, including those that are written on hangtags.

I made a mistake when I submitted my entry. Am I able to make changes to my submissions?

  • Yes, but this is only available before the submission deadline passes. Artists have the entirety of the submission period to make changes, by logging into their artist account on ShowSubmit. Refer to ShowSubmit’s FAQ page for further details.

I’m having trouble submitting! Who do I contact for support?

  • Some questions may already be answered via ShowSubmit’s FAQ page. If you still have trouble, please contact ShowSubmit at

The prospectus mentions attaching hangtags to my works. Where can I find these hangtags?

  • Once the artworks are juried, artists receive an acceptance email with important receiving information and a link to the hangtags for printing.

I submitted, but didn’t receive an email notification as to whether I was accepted or rejected!

  • All acceptance / rejection emails come from and not Salmagundi. Please check both your inbox and junk mail for emails from ShowSubmit. Make sure that you are checking the email address that you had used during submission. If you submitted multiple works, you will receive a separate email for each work. Please keep this in mind if your email client groups your emails together.


Prestigious Library Sculpture Competition
Open to Salmagundi members and the public

Winner and runners-up have been announced!
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In celebration of the 150th anniversary of Salmagundi, one award winner will receive $10,000 to create and sculpt a bust for the Salmagundi library bookcase, cast in bronze! The award winner will be exhibited in the Salmagundi library with their studies and maquette.

Other participants of the competition will exhibit their maquettes in an alternate gallery at Salmagundi, available for sale at the sculptors’ discretion.