Lisa Lebofsky [RA 2021] : Rain and ice, 2022.


Lisa Lebofsky [RA 2021]
Rain and ice, 2022
Oil on canvas
25 x 40 inches

A Hudson Valley resident by birth, I grew up painting the landscape that inspired the Hudson River School, and since a young age was exposed to their masterworks at the various tristate institutions that house them today. I studied at the New York Academy of Art under teachers such as Martha Mayer Erlebacher, Harvey Citron, and Wade Schuman, learning eighteenth and nineteenth-century painting traditions, that I imparted into my inherent love of landscape. In 2012, I took off on an arts-based expedition to Greenland, retracing the voyage of 19th century American painter William Bradford, to see how the landscape had changed in 150 years. I painted where he painted, also examining how painting language had changed in that 150 years – an intention I still investigate today, having the voices of my predecessors guide my work.

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